Author: Ms. Kriti Pudasaini

Age: 20 years

Consent taken: (kreetipudasaini@gmail.com)

Youth Advisory Group member, IDEA project

Note: Youth Advisory Group is comprised of young people aged 10 to 24 years which includes but not limited to young people who are depressed, recovered/ non-depressed and have family/relatives/friends with depression. The group has been helping us to inform on the existing issues faced by young people with possible solutions, direction where the project is taking, interpretation of the results, sensitive and effective approaches to disseminate results to young people, their families and the wider public, and the potential future implementation of our findings in educational, public and health contexts.


Bartamankal Bhutkal Bhawisyakal

That’s how time was perceived then

Those simpler times!


As a teenager, time is or should I say was?

Perceived as moments, as memories

That happened in the past, forget it

That hasn’t happened yet, forget it

That is happening, live it. Try at least?

That’s what they said

As a biology student,

The reality is the biochemical transmission brain makes

Now, as a psychology student,

The brain takes at least two tenth of a second to process anything

So, by the time you hear that sound

By the time you see that person

By the time you feel that kiss

By the time you smell that coffee brewing

That moment has already passed

You are basically living in the past

So, what exactly is this present we are all so determined is what we should be living in??

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