Technical assistance for setting up a national suicide prevention resource center and operationalizing a national helpline for suicide response

Background: Suicide is a major public health concern worldwide. According to WHO, more than 7,00,000 people die by suicide every year and the rate of suicide has been increasing. Nepal police reports more than 7000 suicide every year. Evidences demonstrate that suicide is largely preventable through public health interventions. Stigma associated with mental health, lack of awareness, poor access to MHPSS services and other socio-economic factors act as barrier to accessing care. 

Rate of suicide is also a measure of happiness index. Suicide is a key indicator in sustainable development goal and Nepal aims to reduce the suicide rate to 4 per 100,000 population by 2030. However, the current trend shows that suicide rate has been rising every year. Suicide prevention helplines operated across several countries have proven to contribute to reducing suicide and linking the individual to available services. 

Under this context, TPO Nepal has been implementing a project entitled “ Technical assistance for setting up a national suicide prevention resource center and operationalizing a national helpline for suicide response”.Within this project, Mental Hospital, Lagankhel in partnership with WHO Country Office Nepal and TPO Nepal has been operationalizing National Suicide Prevention Helpline 1166. This helpline provides immediate support and crisis intervention to individuals dialing the helpline. 


The aim of the project is to operationalize a national suicide prevention helpline to provide crisis intervention to individuals with suicidal behavior. The specific objectives are:

  • To establish a well-equipped setup at Mental Hospital to run a 24-hour online and telephonic helpline service with a well-functioning digital platform
  •  Expansion of suicide response capacity through expansion of full-time well-trained team for suicide crisis interventions at the MH hospital and outreach services for suicide attempt survivors and postvention services for family members
  • To continue providing psychological support and crisis intervention to people with suicidal ideation and behavior
  • To disseminate and brand helpline service through media information to seek helpline services
  • To document one-year experienced lessons of implementation and publish and disseminate it to stakeholders

Target Population: People having ideation, thought, plan, or attempt at self-harm, family members and individuals affected by suicidal behavior 

Implementation area: The helpline is based at Mental Hospital, Lagankhel and aims to provide services to people across 77 districts of Nepal

Time frame: April 2022 – December 2022

Supported by: WHO Coutry Office Nepal

Head Office
  • Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • G.P.O Box 8974/C.P.C. Box 612
  • +977-01-4531717/4537124/4524082
Toll Free Number
1660 010 2005
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