Provide Psychosocial Support to Community in Dealing with Suicide in Sindhupalchowk Phase II

Background: Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Nepal, with the support of Australian Aid DAP Fund, had conducted 11 months program on suicide prevention in Sindhupalchowk district in 2017. The support was proven effective and need for the support was still relevant and inadequate in the changing scenario of the district. Thus the second phase of this program was proposed and grant was approved. That phase would help in bringing health, protection services on board to support people having suicidal ideation.

Along with psychosocial support to the family who have lost their family members through suicide and who have suicidal ideation, the program was extensively focused in radio program production for suicide prevention named “Banche Sansar Jitincha”. The program was produced in docu-drama format; drama based on mental health issue was followed by an interview of mental health professionals. The theme of the radio program was to take initiation to deal with suicidal ideation, role of family, friends, community, social media to prevent suicide and reduce stigma, stress and somatic complaints, depression etc. Likewise, the program also had three different sets of ‘Information Box’ that provided straightforward information and messages about available treatment service centers, contact points and psychosocial counselling facilities.  In the first phase, 13 programs were developed and aired whereas in this phase 20 episodes of the program were produced. In addition, community sensitization and orientation to journalists and police were the major components of this program and formation of ‘Suicide Prevention Group’ in the community were also in this phase.


  1. To provide skills to deal with psychosocial problems and suicidal ideation for the psychosocial wellbeing of people
  2. To support women and children of groups, cooperatives and community to deal with psychosocial issues.

Target group: People having suicidal ideation and family who have lost their family members from suicide

Implementation area: Melamchi and Chautara Sangachok Gadi Municipality

Time frame: 1st January to 30st November 2018

Supported by: Australian Aid DAP Fund

Radio program:

  1. Bache Sansar Jitinchha – Phase II (Episode 3)


  1. Banche Sansar Jitinchha


  1. You can conquer the world if you’re alive: Radio as a tool to prevent suicide
  2. आत्महत्या रोकथाम गर्न सकिन्छ : डा. कमल गौतम
  3. आत्महत्याको जोखिम कम गर्न प्रहरीको भुमिका : कृष्ण गिरी
  4. आत्महत्या न्यूनीकरणमा संचारको भुमिका : अतुल मिश्र
  5. आत्महत्या न्यूनीकरणमा अभिभावकको भूमिका : डा.अरुण राज कुँवर
  6. बाँचे संसार जितिन्छ !

Press and media:

  1. आत्महत्या रोकथाम गर्न सकिन्छ : डा कमल गौतम

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