Pragya Shrestha

Clinical Coordinator/Research Fellow

Ms. Pragya Shrestha has been working for more than a decade in psychosocial and mental health in TPO Nepal. She has been engaged in many mental health research projects that includes cultural adaptation and contextualization of evidence based psychosocial interventions for depression, such as Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Problem Management Plus (PM+), etc.  Her role included clinical quality assurance, clinical supervisions, technical inputs in regular training manuals to ensure the quality of the services and products, providing trainings to counselors, health workers, teachers and other community stakeholders, and counseling service to clients. Parallel to the clinical side, she is predominantly engaged in the research activities. She has authored more than 8 articles in the international peer-reviewed journal. Currently, she is working in the capacity of Research Fellow under the project ENHANCE at University of Liverpool with an aim to adapt, and pilot test an intervention for perinatal depression in Nepal.


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