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Author: Ms. Rinu Maharjan

Age: 20 years

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 Youth Advisory Group Member, IDEA project

Note: Youth Advisory Group is comprised of young people aged 10 to 24 years which includes but not limited to young people who are depressed, recovered/ non-depressed and have family/relatives/friends with depression. The group has been helping us to inform on the existing issues faced by young people with possible solutions, direction where the project is taking, interpretation of the results, sensitive and effective approaches to disseminate results to young people, their families and the wider public, and the potential future implementation of our findings in educational, public and health contexts. The group also caters stakeholder consultation to various mental health research projects and community based mental health programmes involving adolescents as primary beneficiaries. This is supposed to reflect the needs, understand the gap and address them appropriately through holistic approach.


In this everyday life, one might not always feel motivated, happy and cheerful. The encounter with uncertainty, failure, laziness, pessimism or various other undesired outcomes resulting one to feel hopeless and gloomy. While talking about me, I have a diary where I note some motivational and inspirational quotes on my own which is my go-to diary whenever I feel low or down or feel stuck in any unwanted situations in my life. As there is a saying, “sharing is caring”, I hope sharing this can make a (be it even little) difference to reader’s life and perception and be helpful at times when they need to hear these words the most. Thus, some quotes from the diary are pointed below:

  • Life is beautiful when you beautify your world by changing your perception.
  • Have patience. Everything will definitely come to you when right time comes.
  • Everything happens for a reason and by the same token every problem has solution. You learn from it, grow and rise.
  • Positive mind results positive vibes, positive acts, positivity and ultimately a positive life.
  • Don’t stress out, keep calm and keep going.
  • The present situation is temporary, it passes with time.
  • Life is easy when you free your mind.
  • Watch your mouth because words hurt more than wounds.
  • It is never too late, just don’t give up and restart again… Yes, you can’t give up!
  • Want to bring a change? Be the change!
  • Time flies away so fast, so live your life to the fullest!
  • Over-thinking is a huge loss; it is killing your time and eventually killing you. So, remember not to over-think.
  • Just wait and watch with constant patience, dedication and faith.
  • Control yourself for you have both constructive and destructive power. Only you can control yourself better than anyone else in this world.
  • Improve your inside and out for only yourself. You don’t have to show or prove anyone.
  • Maybe you need to watch and analyze your life from different angle or point of view?!
  • Live, laugh, travel, learn, experience, love… (the list goes on) when you can.
  • The wiseness and boldness is to forget the past, learn from it and work in the present for a better future.
  • Become so busy, focused and consistent that your mind can’t have time to stray around.
  • Happiness and satisfaction is when your thoughts and actions and perceivable results and outcomes are in a harmony.
  • The present might be stressful and gloomy but you have the power of creating a worthy future.
  • Go! Go! Go! Yes, you can do it.
  • You can’t always be happy because this is the life. Sometimes you must accept the beauty of sadness.
  • Keep moving forward even though there comes bad circumstances as friction. Don’t let them consume you.
  • Never regret but always revive.
  • It may feel tiresome but the effort is worth it.
  • You can rise through this fire and become a phoenix.

There are many obstacles in this pathway to success. You can overcome them and make it through on your own.

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