Measurement of Mental Health Among Adolescents at the Population Level: A Multicountry Protocol for Adaptation and Validation of Mental Health Measures

Liliana Carvajal, Jill W. Ahs, Jennifer Harris Requejo, Christian Kieling, Andreas Lundin, Manasi Kumar, Nagendra P. Luitel, Marguerite Marlow, Sarah Skeen, Mark Tomilson, Brandon A.Kohrt Adolescent Health Published On: 25 March 2022 Purpose: Mental disorders are among the leading causes of disability among adolescents aged 10-19 years. However, data on prevalence of mental health conditions […]

Psychological and contextual risk factors for first-onset depression among adolescents and young people around the globe: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Gloria A. Pedersen, Crystal Lam, Megan Hoffmann, Zuzanna Zajkowska, Annabel Walsh, Christian Kieling, Valeria Mondelli, Helen L. Fisher, Kamal Gautam, Brandon A. Kohrt Early Intervention in Psychiatry Published on: 7 April 2022 Aim: Identifying predictors for future onset of depression is crucial to effectively developing preventive interventions. We conducted a systematic review and metaanalysis to […]

Stigma against mental health disorders in Nepal conceptualised with a ‘what matters most’ framework: a scoping review

Dristy Gurung, Anubhuti Poudyal, Yixue Lily Wang, Mani Neupane, Kalpana Bhattarai, Syed Shabab Wahid, Susmeera Aryal, Eva Heim, Petra Gronholm, Graham Thornicroft and Brandon Kohrt Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences Published on: 28 January 2022 Aims: Stigma related to mental disorders is a barrier to quality mental healthcare. This scoping review aimed to synthesise literature on […]

Developing the Group Facilitation Assessment of Competencies Tool for Group-Based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Interventions in Humanitarian and Low-Resource Settings

Gloria A. Pedersen, Manaswi Sangraula, Pragya Shrestha, Pooja Lakshmin, Alison Schafer, Renasha Ghimire, Nagendra P. Luitel, Mark J. D. Jordans, and Brandon A. Kohrt Journal on Education in Emergencies Published on: 17 December 2021 Abstract: In humanitarian settings, mental health and psychosocial support services (MHPSS) are often delivered in group-based formats. Group interventions enable providers […]

Gender inequality in the global mental health research workforce: a research authorship scoping review and qualitative study in Nepal

Dristy Gurung, Manaswi Sangraula, Prasansa Subba, Anubhuti Poudyal, Shelly Mishra, Brandon A Kohrt BMJ Global Health Published on: 8 December 2021 Introduction: Although women’s health is prioritised in global research, few studies have identified structural barriers and strategies to promote female leadership and gender equality in the global health research workforce, especially in low-income and […]

Collaboration With People With Lived Experience of Mental Illness to Reduce Stigma and Improve Primary Care Services: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

Brandon A. Kohrt, Mark J. D. Jordans, Elizabeth L. Turner, Sauharda Rai, Dristy Gurung, Manoj Dhakal, Anvita Bhardwaj, Jagannath Lamichhane, Daisy R. Singla, Crick Lund, Vikram Patel, MD, Nagendra P. Luitel, Kathleen J. Sikkema Jama Network Open Published on: 3 November 2021 Importance: Collaboration with people with lived experience of mental illness (PWLE), also referred […]

Perception and Use of Primary Healthcare Services Among People With Cardiometabolic Diseases in Two Resource-Limited Areas in Nepal: A Mixed Methods Study

Nicholas Peoples, Enying Gong, Kamal Gautam, Shree N. Khanal, Brandon A. Kohrt, Suraj Koirala, Archana Amatya, Shangzhi Xiong, Truls Østbye, Jeffrey Moe, Qian Long and Lijing L. Yan Frontiers in Public Health Published on: 23 September 2021 Abstract: Nepal is a country in south Asia with a high burden of cardiometabolic diseases (CMDs). Strengthening primary […]

An Initiative in Suicide Prevention: Best Practices, Challenges and Lessons Learnt from Nepal

Parbati Shrestha, Sita Maya Thing Lama, Rambabu Nepal Intervention Published on: 9 September 2021 Abstract: Suicide is a major problem at the current time in Nepal. Although suicide needs a multisectoral and comprehensive response, it is challenging to work in a community where mental health and psychosocial support are not available or are limited. These […]

Effectiveness of Group Problem Management Plus, a brief psychological intervention for adults affected by humanitarian disasters in Nepal: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Mark J. D. Jordans, Brandon A. Kohrt, Manaswi Sangraula, Elizabeth L. Turner, Xueqi Wang, Pragya Shrestha, Renasha Ghimire, Edith van’t Hof, Richard A. Bryant, Katie S. Dawson, Kedar Marahatta, Nagendra P. Luitel, Mark van Ommeren PLoS Medicine Published on: 17 June 2021 Background: Globally, 235 million people are impacted by humanitarian emergencies worldwide, presenting increased […]

Personal Reflections on Group Problem Management Plus in Nepal: The Importance of Cultural Adaptation and Supervision

Renasha Ghimire and Pragya Shrestha Intervention Published on: 31 March 2021 Abstract: Two clinical supervisors supported the implementation of Group Problem Management Plus (PM+) in feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness trials in Nepal. In this personal reflection, they share lessons learned and experiences on the importance of cultural adaptation and supervision in implementing an intervention delivered […]

COVID-19 mental health impact and responses in low-income and middle-income countries: reimagining global mental health

Lola Kola, Brandon A Kohrt, Charlotte Hanlon, John A Naslund, Siham Sikander, Madhumitha Balaji, Corina Benjet, Eliza Yee Lai Cheung, Julian Eaton, Pattie Gonsalves, Maji Hailemariam, Nagendra P Luitel, Daiane B Machado, Eleni Misganaw, Olayinka Omigbodun, Tessa Roberts, Tatiana Taylor Salisbury, Rahul Shidhaye, Charlene Sunkel, Victor Ugo, André Janse van Rensburg, Oye Gureje, Soumitra Pathare, […]

Development of the mental health cultural adaptation and contextualization for implementation (mhCACI) procedure: a systematic framework to prepare evidence-based psychological interventions for scaling

Sangraula M, Kohrt BA, Ghimire R, Shrestha P, Luitel NP, van’t Hof E, Dawson K, Jordans MJD Global Mental Health Published on: 19 Feb 2021 Background: Because of the high burden of untreated mental illness in humanitarian settings and low- and middle-income countries, scaling-up effective psychological interventions require a cultural adaptation process that is feasible […]

Insight and challenges: mental health services in Nepal

Yugesh Rai, Deoman Gurung and Kamal Gautam BJPsych International Published on: 9 December 2020 Abstract: This paper describes the current state of mental health services in Nepal and reflects on the significant changes over the past decade. The main challenges to overcome are proper implementation of community-based services, the high suicide rate, stigma of mental […]

Perception of healthcare workers on mobile app-based clinical guideline for the detection and treatment of mental health problems in primary care: a qualitative study in Nepal

P. Pokhrel, R. Karmacharya, T. Taylor Salisbury, K. Carswell, B. A. Kohrt, M. J. D. Jordans, H. Lempp, G. Thornicroft & N. P. Luitel BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making Published on: 19 January 2021 Background: In recent years, a significant change has taken place in the health care delivery systems due to the availability […]

A cross-cultural interpersonal model of adolescent depression: A qualitative study in rural Nepal

Kelly Rose-Clarke, Eliz Hassan, Prakash BK, Jananee Magar, Delan Devakumar, Nagendra P. Luitel, Helen Verdeli, Brandon A. Kohrt Social Science & Medicine Published on: 16 December 2020 Abstract: Most cross-cultural qualitative research on depression has been descriptive, documenting symptoms and explanatory models. There is a lack of qualitative research testing theoretical models of depression. The […]

Understanding Nepali widows’ experiences for the adaptation of an instrument to assess Prolonged Grief Disorder

Kim, Yoona, Damodar Rimal, Angela KC, Sumeera Shrestha, Nagendra P. Luitel, Holly G. Prigerson, Wietse A. Tol, and Pamela J. Surkan Transcultural Psychiatry Published on: 22 December 2020 Abstract: The experience of grief varies across different cultures and contexts. Women in Nepal who lose their husbands confront discrimination, social isolation, and abuse that influence their […]

Gendering psychosocial care: risks and opportunities for global mental health

Liana E Chase, Dristy Gurung, Parbati Shrestha, Sunita Rumba The Lancet Psychiatry Published on: 14 December 2020 Abstract: Recent conversations in The Lancet Psychiatry have highlighted the ways global mental health institutions reflect and reproduce wider social inequalities. Gendered practices of employment and remuneration are an understudied dimension of this problem. The past decade has seen a […]

Self-reported psychological distress during the COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal: findings from an online survey

Kamal Gautam, Ramesh P. Adhikari, Aman Sen Gupta, Rajan Kumar Shrestha, Pitambar Koirala & Suraj Koirala BMC Psychology Published on: 9 December 2020 Background: A lower respiratory tract infection caused by novel coronavirus termed as Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) was first identified in China and subsequently took the form of pandemic. Studies on disease outbreak […]

Adaptation and psychometric validation of the Prolonged Grief Disorder scale among widows in central Nepal

Surkan, Pamela J., Henri Garrison-Desany, Damodar Rimal, Nagendra Luitel, Yoona Kim, Holly G. Prigerson, Sumeera Shrestha, Wietse Tol, and Sarah M. Murray Journal of Affective Disorders Published on: 8 December 2020 Background: Symptoms of grief vary by culture and societal reactions to death may be gender specific. We aimed to validate a Nepali language version of the […]

Identifying risk factors and detection strategies for adolescent depression in diverse global settings: A Delphi consensus study

Syed Shabab Wahid, Katherine Ottman, Raya Hudhud, Kamal Gautam, Helen L. Fisher, Christian Kieling, Valeria Mondelli, Brandon A. Kohrt Journal of Affective Disorders Published on: 1 October 2020 Background: Adolescence represents a vulnerable period for the onset of depression. Globally, there is a need to better understand risk factors for adolescent depression to inform policies […]

Perception of service users and their caregivers on primary care-based mental health services: a qualitative study in Nepal

N. P. Luitel, M. J. D. Jordans, P. Subba & I. H. Komproe BMC Family Practice Published on: 28 September 2020 Background: Integration of mental health services into primary health care systems has been advocated as a strategy to minimize the tremendous mental health treatment gap, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Barriers to integration […]

Impact of integrated district level mental health care on clinical and functioning outcomes of people with depression and alcohol use disorder in Nepal: a non-randomised controlled study

M. J. D. Jordans, E. C. Garman, N. P. Luitel, B. A. Kohrt, C. Lund, V. Patel & M. Tomlinson BMC Psychiatry Published on: 14 September 2020 Background: Integration of mental health services into primary healthcare is proliferating in low-resource countries. We aimed to evaluate the impact of different compositions of primary care mental health […]

Suicidal ideation among Nepali widows: an exploratory study of risk factors and comorbid psychosocial problems

Garrison-Desany, H. M., M. E. Lasater, N. P. Luitel, D. Rimal, D. Pun, S. Shrestha, W. Tol, and P. J. Surkan Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology Published on: 13 August 2020 Purpose: Suicide is a leading cause of death among Nepali women of reproductive age. Suicidal ideation has known associations with stressful life events, which […]

Culturally and developmentally adapting group interpersonal therapy for adolescents with depression in rural Nepal

Kelly Rose-Clarke, Indira Pradhan, Pragya Shrestha, Prakash B.K., Jananee Magar, Nagendra P. Luitel, Delan Devakumar, Alexandra Klein Rafaeli, Kathleen Clougherty, Brandon A. Kohrt, Mark J. D. Jordans & Helen Verdeli BMC Psychology Published on: 12 August 2020 Background: Evidence-based interventions are needed to reduce depression among adolescents in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). One approach […]

Process evaluation of a district mental healthcare plan in Nepal: a mixed-methods case study

Nagendra P Luitel, Erica Breuer, Anup Adhikari, Brandon A Kohrt, Crick Lund, Ivan H Komproe, Mark J D Jordans BJPsych Open Published on: 28 July 2020 Background: The PRogramme for Improving Mental Health carE (PRIME) evaluated the process and outcomes of the implementation of a mental healthcare plan (MHCP) in Chitwan, Nepal. Aims: To describe the process […]

Detection of risk for depression among adolescents in diverse global settings: protocol for the IDEA qualitative study in Brazil, Nepal, Nigeria and the UK

Syed Shabab Wahid, Gloria A. Pedersen, Katherine Ottman, Abigail Burgess, Kamal Gautam, Thais Martini, Anna Viduani, Olufisayo Momodu, Crystal Lam, Helen L. Fisher, Christian Kieling, Abiodun O Adewuya, Valeria Mondelli, Brandon A Kohrt BMJ Open Published on: 28 July 2020 Introduction: Globally, depression is a leading cause of disability among adolescents, and suicide rates are increasing […]

A Letter from Nepal

Pragya Shrestha The Lancet Psychiatry Published on: July 2020 Abstract: In Nepal, there is a scarcity of population-wide mental health services in most parts of the country. Mental health services are concentrated in a few hospitals located in the big cities; consequently, there is a huge gap between the number of people with the need […]

Health service costs and their association with functional impairment among adults receiving integrated mental health care in five low- and middle-income countries: the PRIME cohort study.

Chisholm D, Garman E, Breuer E, Fekadu A, Hanlon C, Jordans M, Kathree T, Kigozi F, Luitel N, Medhin G, Murhar V, Petersen I, Rathod SD, Shidhaye R, Ssebunnya J, Patel V, Lund C Health Policy and Planning Published on: 1 June 2020 Abstract: This study examines the level and distribution of service costs-and their […]

Feasibility of Group Problem Management Plus (PM+) to improve mental health and functioning of adults in earthquake-affected communities in Nepal

M. Sangraula, E. L. Turner, N. P. Luitel, E. van‘t Hof, P. Shrestha, R. Ghimire, R. Bryant, K. Marahatta, M. van Ommeren, B. A. Kohrt, and M. J. D. Jordans Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences Published on: 26 May 2020 Aims: Psychological interventions that are brief, acceptable, effective and can be delivered by non-specialists are especially […]

Traditional Healers and Mental Health in Nepal: A Scoping Review

Tony V Pham, Bonnie N. Kaiser, Rishav Koirala, Sujen Man Maharjan, Nawaraj Upadhaya, Lauren Franz & Brandon A. Kohrt Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry Published on: 22 May 2020 Abstract: Despite extensive ethnographic and qualitative research on traditional healers in Nepal, the role of traditional healers in relation to mental health has not been synthesized. We […]

Evaluation of Proactive Community Case Detection to Increase Help Seeking for Mental Health Care: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial

Mark J. D. Jordans, Nagendra P. Luitel, Crick Lund, Brandon A. Kohrt Psychiatric Services Published on: 23 April 2020 Objective: The Community Informant Detection Tool (CIDT) is a vignette- and picture-based method of proactive case detection to promote help seeking for persons with depression, psychosis, alcohol use disorder, and epilepsy. The authors evaluated the effectiveness […]

Effectiveness of Group Problem Management Plus (Group-PM+) for adults affected by humanitarian crises in Nepal: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Edith van’t Hof, Manaswi Sangraula, Nagendra P. Luitel, Elizabeth L. Turner, Kedar Marahatta, Mark van Ommeren, Pragya Shrestha, Richard Bryant, Brandon A. Kohrt & Mark J. D. Jordans Trials Published on: 19 April 2020 Background: Globally, the lack of availability of psychological services for people exposed to adversities has led to the development of a […]

Impact of a district mental health care plan on suicidality among patients with depression and alcohol use disorder in Nepal

Luke R. Aldridge, Emily C. Garman, Nagendra P. Luitel, Mark J. D. Jordans PLoS ONE Published on: 7 April 2020 Background: Large scale efforts to expand access to mental healthcare in low- and middle-income countries have focused on integrating mental health services into primary care settings using a task sharing approach delivered by non-specialist health […]

Healthcare utilization and out-of-pocket expenditures associated with depression in adults: a cross-sectional analysis in Nepal

Selina Rajan, Sujit D. Rathod, Nagendra P. Luitel, Adrianna Murphy, Tessa Roberts & Mark J. D. Jordans BMC Health Services Research Published on: 25 March 2020  Background: Despite attempts to improve universal health coverage (UHC) in low income countries like Nepal, most healthcare utilization is still financed by out-of-pocket (OOP) payments, with detrimental effects on […]

Predicting the risk of depression among adolescents in Nepal using a model developed in Brazil: the IDEA Project

Rachel Brathwaite, Thiago Botter-Maio Rocha, Christian Kieling, Kamal Gautam, Suraj Koirala, Valeria Mondelli, Brandon Kohrt & Helen L. Fisher European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Published on: 12 March 2020 Abstract: The burden of adolescent depression is high in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), yet research into prevention is lacking. Development and validation of models to […]

Reducing mental illness stigma in healthcare settings: Proof of concept for a social contact intervention to address what matters most for primary care providers

Brandon A Kohrt, Elizabeth L Turner, Sauharda Rai, Anvita Bhardwaj, Kathleen J Sikkema, Adesewa Adelekun, Manoj Dhakal, Nagendra P Luitel, Crick Lund, Vikram Patel, Mark J D Jordans Social Science & Medicine Published on: 15 February 2020 Abstract: Initiatives for integration of mental health services into primary care are underway through the World Health Organization’s […]

Mental health and psychosocial support services in primary health care in Nepal: Perceived facilitating factors, barriers and strategies for improvement

Nawaraj Upadhaya, Upasana Regmi, Dristy Gurung, Nagendra P. Luitel, Inge Petersen, Mark J. D. Jordans, Ivan H. Komproe BMC Psychiatry Published on: 13 February 2020 Background: The barriers and facilitating factors for integrating mental health into primary health care have been well documented in the literature, but little is known about the perspectives of primary […]

Change in treatment coverage and barriers to mental health care among adults with depression and alcohol use disorder: a repeat cross-sectional community survey in Nepal

Nagendra P. Luitel, Emily C. Garman, Mark J. D. Jordans & Crick Lund BMC Public Health Published on: 22 October 2019 Background: Despite the availability of evidence-based treatment, there is a substantial gap between the number of individuals in need of mental health care and those who receive treatment. The aim of this study was […]

Scaling up integrated primary mental health in six low- and middle-income countries: obstacles, synergies and implications for systems reform

Inge Petersen, André van Rensburg, Fred Kigozi, Maya Semrau, Charlotte Hanlon, Jibril Abdulmalik, Lola Kola, Abebaw Fekadu, Oye Gureje, Dristy Gurung, Mark Jordans, Ntokozo Mntambo, James Mugisha, Shital Muke, Ruwayda Petrus, Rahul Shidhaye, Joshua Ssebunnya, Bethlehem Tekola, Nawaraj Upadhaya, Vikram Patel, Crick Lund and Graham Thornicroft BJPsych Open Published on: 6 August 2019 Background: There […]

Evaluation of performance and perceived utility of mental healthcare indicators in routine health information systems in five low- and middle-income countries

Mark Jordans, Dan Chisholm, Maya Semrau, Dristy Gurung, Jibril Abdulmalik, Shalini Ahuja, James Mugisha, Ntokozo Mntambo, Fred Kigozi, Inge Petersen, Rahul Shidhaye, Nawaraj Upadhaya, Crick Lund, Graham Thornicroft and Oye Gureje BJPsych Open Published on: 6 August 2019 Background: In most low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), routine mental health information is unavailable or unreliable, making […]

How competent are non-specialists trained to integrate mental health services in primary care? Global health perspectives from Uganda, Liberia, and Nepal

Brandon A Kohrt, Byamah B Mutamba, Nagendra P Luitel, Wilfred Gwaikolo, Patrick Onyango Mangen, Juliet Nakku, Kisa Rose, Janice Cooper, Mark J D Jordans, Florence Baingana International Review of Psychiatry Published on: 27 February 2019 Abstract: Evaluations to objectively assess minimum competency are not routinely implemented for training and supervision in global mental health. Addressing […]

Prevalence and correlates of alcohol use in a central Nepal district: secondary analysis of a population-based cross-sectional study

D. Rathod, N. P. Luitel and M. J. D. Jordans Global Mental Health Published on: 13 November 2018

Community-, facility-, and individual-level outcomes of a district mental healthcare plan in a low-resource setting in Nepal: A population-based evaluation

Mark J. D. Jordans , Nagendra P. Luitel, Brandon A. Kohrt, Sujit D. Rathod, Emily C. Garman, Mary De Silva, Ivan H. Komproe, Vikram Patel, Crick Lund PLOS Medicine Published on: February 14, 2019

Enhancing mental health research capacity: emerging voices from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) global hubs

Andrea Tenório Correia da Silva, Charlotte Hanlon, Ezra Susser, Graciela Rojas, Heloísa Garcia Claro, Julieta Quayle, Kassahun Habtamu, María Soledad Burrone, Maria Tavares Cavalcanti, Mona Sharma, Marguerite Schneider, Ramesh Prasad Adhikari, Tanya van de Water, Yasmin Mohammed, Anna E. Ordóñez and Soraya Seedat International Journal of Mental Health Systems Published: 3 April 2019

Feasibility study of a family- and school-based intervention for child behavior problems in Nepal

Ramesh P. Adhikari, Nawaraj Upadhaya, Emily N. Satinsky, Matthew D. Burkey, Brandon A. Kohrt and Mark J. D. Jordans. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health  Published: 23 March 2018 Background: This study evaluates the feasibility, acceptability, and outcomes of a combined school- and family-based intervention, delivered by psychosocial counselors, for children with behavior problems in […]

Psychosocial and Mental Health Problems of Older People in Postearthquake Nepal

Ramesh P. Adhikari, Nawaraj Upadhaya, Sasmita Paudel, Ruja Pokhrel, Nagendra Bhandari, Laura Cole, and Suraj Koirala. Journal of Aging and Health Published April 3, 2017

Perceived behavioral problems of school aged children in rural Nepal: a qualitative study

Ramesh P. Adhikari , Nawaraj Upadhaya , Dristy Gurung , Nagendra P. Luitel , Matthew D. Burkey , Brandon A. Kohrt and Mark J.D. Jordans Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health Published: 26 June 2015

Procedures to Select Digital Sensing Technologies for Passive Data Collection With Children and Their Caregivers: Qualitative Cultural Assessment in South Africa and Nepal

Brandon A Kohrt, Sauharda Rai,  Khanya Vilakazi,  Kiran Thapa, Anvita Bhardwaj, Alastair van Heerden JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting Published on: 16 January 2019

An integrated approach to mental health and disaster preparedness: a cluster comparison with earthquake affected communities in Nepal

Courtney Welton-Mitchell, Leah Emily James, Shree Niwas Khanal and Alexander Scott James BMC Psychiatry Published on: 15 September 2018

Building back better? Taking stock of the post‑earthquake mental health and psychosocial response in Nepal

Liana E. Chase, Kedar Marahatta, Kripa Sidgel, Sujan Shrestha, Kamal Gautam, Nagendra P. Luitel, Bhogendra Raj Dotel and Reuben Samuel International Journal of Mental Health Systems Published on: 1 August 2018

A service user co-facilitated intervention to reduce mental illness stigma among primary healthcare workers: Utilizing perspectives of family members and caregivers

Rai Sauharda, Gurung Dristy, Kaiser Bonnie N., Sikkema Kathleen J., Dhakal Manoj, Bhardwaj Anvita, Tergesen Cori, Kohrt Brandon A. Families, Systems & Health Published on: June 2018

Protocol for a feasibility study of group-based focused psychosocial support to improve the psychosocial well-being and functioning of adults affected by humanitarian crises in Nepal: Group Problem Management Plus (PM+)

Manaswi Sangraula, Edith van’t Hof, Nagendra P. Luitel, Elizabeth L. Turner, Kedar Marahatta, Jolene H. Nakao, Mark van Ommeren, Mark J. D. Jordans and Brandon A. Kohrt Pilot and Feasibility Studies Published on: 18 July 2018

Prevalence and correlates of depression and alcohol use disorder among adults attending primary health care services in Nepal: a cross sectional study

Nagendra P. Luitel, Emily C. Baron, Brandon A. Kohrt, Ivan H. Komproe and Mark J. D. Jordans BMC Health Services Research Published on: 27 March 2018

Impact of district mental health care plans on symptom severity and functioning of patients with priority mental health conditions: the Programme for Improving Mental Health Care (PRIME) cohort protocol

Emily C. Baron, Sujit D. Rathod, Charlotte Hanlon, Martin Prince, Abebaw Fedaku, Fred Kigozi, Mark Jordans, Nagendra P. Luitel, Girmay Medhin, Vaibhav Murhar, Juliet Nakku, Vikram Patel, Inge Petersen, One Selohilwe, Rahul Shidhaye, Joshua Ssebunnya, Mark Tomlinson, Crick Lund and Mary De Silva BMC Psychiatry Published on: 6 March 2018

Psychotropic drugs in Nepal: perceptions on use and supply chain management

Nawaraj Upadhaya, Mark J.D. Jordans, Dristy Gurung, Ruja Pokhrel, Ramesh P. Adhikari and Ivan H. Komproe Globalization and Health Published on: 24 January 2018

Reducing stigma among healthcare providers to improve mental health services (RESHAPE): protocol for a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial of a stigma reduction intervention for training primary healthcare workers in Nepal

Brandon A. Kohrt, Mark J. D. Jordans, Elizabeth L. Turner, Kathleen J. Sikkema, Nagendra P. Luitel, Sauharda Rai, Daisy R. Singla, Jagannath Lamichhane, Crick Lund and Vikram Patel Pilot and Feasibility Studies Published on: 24 January 2018

Elucidating adolescent aspirational models for the design of public mental health interventions: a mixed-method study in rural Nepal.

Sauharda Rai, Safar Bikram Adhikari, Nanda Raj Acharya, Bonnie N. Kaiser, Brandon A. Kohrt Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health Published on: 21 December 2017

Evaluation of outcomes for psychosis and epilepsy treatments delivered by primary health care workers in Nepal: a cohort study

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Situational analysis to inform development of primary care and community-based mental health services for severe mental disorders in Nepal

Angdembe M., Kohrt B.A., Jordans M., Rimal D., Luitel N.P. International Journal of Mental Health Systems Published on: 15 November 2017

Service user and care-giver involvement in mental health system strengthening in low- and middle-income countries: A cross-country qualitative study

Lempp H, Abayneh S, Gurung D, Kola L, Abdulmalik J, Evans-Lacko S, Semrau M, Alem A, Thornicroft G, Hanlon C. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences Published on: 08 November 2017

Resilience among Nepali widows after the death of a spouse: “That was my past and now I have to see my present”

Hendrickson Z.M., Kim J., Tol W.A., Shrestha A., Kafle H.M., Luitel N.P., Thapa L., Surkan P.J. Qualitative Health Research Published on: 7 November 2017

Treatment gap and barriers for mental health care: A cross-sectional community survey in Nepal

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Current situations and future directions for mental health system governance in Nepal: findings from a qualitative study

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Proactive community case-finding to facilitate treatment seeking for mental disorders, Nepal

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Service user and care giver involvement in mental health system strengthening in Nepal: a qualitative study on barriers and facilitating factors

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Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder and culture: Early and prolonged grief in Nepali widows

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Suicidal ideation and behaviour among community and health care seeking populations in five low- and middle-income countries: a cross-sectional study

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Prevalence and correlates of hazardous alcohol use and co-occurring mental health problems in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake

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Partnerships in mental healthcare service delivery in low-resource settings: developing an innovative network in rural Nepal

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Mental health and psychosocial problems in the aftermath of Nepal earthquakes: Findings from a representative cluster sample survey

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Health and social vulnerability of adolescents in Nepal

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Information systems for mental health in six low and middle income countries: cross country situation analysis

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Development process of an assessment tool for disruptive behavior problems in cross-cultural settings: the Disruptive Behavior International Scale–Nepal version (DBIS-N)

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Recruitment of child soldiers in Nepal: Mental health status and risk factors for voluntary participation of youth in armed groups

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Psychological resilience and the gene regulatory impact of post traumatic stress in Nepali child soldiers

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The ecocultural context and child behavior problems: A qualitative analysis in rural Nepal.

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