हरेक दिन बिहान ८ बजे देखि साझ ६ बजे सम्म !!

COVID-19 को मनोसामाजिक प्रभाव !!

यदि मनसँग सम्बन्धित समस्या भएमा मनोसामाजिक सहयोग तथा परामर्शका लागि यो नम्बरमा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ। NTC बाट यस नम्बरमा फोन गर्दा कुनै शुल्क लाग्दैन।

Every Day From 8 AM to 6 PM

COVID-19, Psychosocial Impact !!

Please call this number for psychosocial support and counseling/consultation. You can call this number free of cost from Nepal Telecom network.

  • TPO Nepal Team 2021

  • National Suicide Prevention Helpline

  • 17th AGM of TPO Nepal

News / Events

Program Review and Care for Caregivers Workshop

A 4-days program review and care for caregivers (CFC) workshop was conducted by TPO Nepal at Wild Adventure Resort, Sauraha from 19 to 24...

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Consultation workshop with service users and other stakeholders

A consultation workshop with service users was held on 17 December 2021 to get feedback on the National Suicide Prevention Action Plan. The national...

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Webinar on intersections of mental health with HIV and substance use

The fifth webinar of the web series for capacity building of early career researchers in Nepal titled “Mental Health: Interactions with HIV and Substance...

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Consultation workshop on National Suicide Prevention Action Plan

A consultation workshop with the stakeholders of Province 2 was held on 13 December 2021 at Janakpur. The objective of this workshop was to...

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Interaction program with the stakeholders of Jhapa district, Nepal

Mental health is an overshadowed and under-prioritized issue. Hence, to sensitize the stakeholders on mental health and most importantly maternal mental health, a half-day...

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Webinar on task sharing and collaborative care model implementation

A webinar titled “Task sharing and implementation of collaborative care model in Rural Nepal” was held on 17th November 2021 from 6 pm to...

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